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Gibbs International Truck Centers takes pride in providing quality customer service, repairs, and maintenance for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and buses.

With certified master International and Isuzu technicians, Gibbs Truck Centers are equipped to repair International, Cummins, and Isuzu engines, along with Eaton and Allison transmissions.

We work on all trucks and tractors.

Annual Smoke Opacity Inspections

All California-based truck and bus operators with two or more heavy-duty or medium-duty diesel vehicles (gross vehicle rating over 6,000lbs) are required to conduct Annual Smoke Opacity and Tamper Inspections. Contact your service manager to schedule your smoke inspection today!

DOT Inspection

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Agency establishes standards for commercial motor vehicles and their drivers. The Agency's responsibilities include monitoring and enforcing compliance with regulations governing safety and commerce. Let a trusted International professional make certain your trucks meet federally mandated DOT requirements. We will even complete the necessary forms and provide the required inspection stickers.

International Preventive PM

We offer a network-wide, consistent preventive maintenance program that can add to any vehicle's life span. Performance PM minimizes downtime, keeps your vehicle running at its best, and increases your vehicles resale value. With Performance PM, you can count on discounted pricing along with outstanding service and warranty on all parts and service.

International Performance AC

Our certified technicians have the skill to properly pinpoint the root cause of HVAC problems. We use standard repair practices, have the latest diagnostic tools and equipment and the expertise to make correct AC repairs the first time. Can air-conditioning impact over-the-road performance? It can! And that's just one concept behind International Performance AC.

Rapid Brake

Get your brake work done quickly, efficiently, and at a very competitive price. Rapid Brake is a complete brake relining program for air and hydraulic brakes.

Preventive Maintenance

Identifying a potential problem at the onset can keep operational and maintenance costs down. We can help with custom maintenance to your specs or mobile maintenance at any location.

Other Services We Offer:

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Truck Service Bay - Inside
Truck Service Bay - Inside
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