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100% Electric Plug-In! Built Just Right.

Introducing the revolutionary International eMV series, specifically designed for your fleet. We thought about more than the vehicle itself, we thought about the entire ecosystem.


The new eMV Series suits any straight truck application and with a vehicle performance of 335 hp and battery capacity of 135 miles the new eMV is ready to help you get the job done, no matter what job comes your way. Its new thoughtful design with improved visibility through sloped hood and breakaway mirrors provides additional safety for your crew.


It’s no secret electric vehicles require less maintenance. With substantially fewer parts, an electric motor simply does not have the maintenance or service requirements of an internal combustion engine. Plus, thanks to regenerative braking, the standard brakes last much longer between service intervals.


The eMV Series cab wraps your crew in a high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) reinforced, cold-rolled steel construction that combines the corrosion resistance of aluminum with the world-class fit, finish, and strength of steel. The result is a larger, quieter, more protective interior with air and water-tight seals.



Digital Instrument Cluster

Instrument Cluster

Indicates how much power is being used by the motor when accelerating, or how much power is being returned during regenerative braking.

The digital instrument cluster also provides information on:

  • Propulsion Load %
  • Range Estimate
  • Battery Temp
  • Drive Motor Temp
  • Regenerative Braking
  • 12 Volt Battery Gauge
  • Air System Gauges
  • Vehicle Ready Indicator

EMV Truck Cab Interior

eMV Truck Interior

Switch Panel comes standard with 3-level regenerative braking, off-road traction control, suspension dump and lift gate.

Steering wheel adds more functions at the driver's fingertips with integrated back-lit, laser etched labeling.

Standard flat instrument panel includes a center-mounted vent to keep the middle passenger comfortable while providing space for extra legroom, or a large floor-mounted body control module.

EMV Truck Connectivity


With the help of OnCommand® Connection and its powerful tools and resources, you can maximize uptime and operational efficiency for your electric vehicles.

Start tracking your electric truck fleet with OnCommand® Connection. For more information, contact your local Gibbs Truck Center.


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