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DuraStar Hybrid
Truck Sales International Trucks Medium Trucks Hybrid
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The International® DuraStar Hybrid delivers cleaner transportation without sacrificing performance. As a proud supporter of the Hybrid Truck Users Forum (HTUF) and the 21st Century Truck Forum, International is committed to the development of diesel electric hybrid technology. Our goal – improved uptime, reduced operating costs, and a cleaner environment. And that keeps everyone Miles Ahead. Mother Nature included.

The International® Medium Truck product line includes the TerraStar, 4300, 4400, Chassis, and Hybrid.

Axle Configurations



152" to 254"

Front Axle

8,000 - 14,000 lbs.

Rear Axle

12,200 - 23,000 lbs.


International MaxxForce DT
220 HP/860 lb-ft to 255 HP/860 lb-ft


Eaton Fuller Hybrid Drive 6-speed Automated Manual


Conventional Cab
Extended Cab

Fuel Tank

50 gallon Steel of Non-Polished Aluminum, Right Side Mounted Only
70 gallon Steel or Non-Polished Aluminum, Right Side Mounted Only



Vehicle Usage

Beverage, Emergency, Government, Landscaping, Leasing, Pick Up and Delivery, Recovery, Utility, Waste Collection

Hybrid Sell Sheet